We now have a club station with help from Bob WA8TZD, and Barbara KA8WMZ, Ding N4CPT, and Deborah K4RNS, Orville KJ4UFW.

I would like to thank them for all their contributions and hard work on their help on setting up our club station. 
We have insulated and paneled the interior for heating and cooling for everyone's comfort.
It will be used for meetings, social get togethers, classes, EmComm, and Field Day. 
Field Day acts as a nation-wide EmComm drill, and is held each year on the last weekend of June.
N6USP will help anyone that wants to learn more about HF using the Kenwood TS-570D HF rig, on how to CQ, contesting, special events on the weekends, nets, logging, and designing their own QSL card for
They will also be able to learn how to use the Digital Modes such as PSK31 and RTTY using the SignaLink sound card, how to use the D-Star IC-880H VHF/UHF digital and analog radio using the reflectors to talk all around the world on VHF Digital.
Space Coast 10 Mt Net:
The Space Coast Net meets every Monday evening at 7:30 PM EST on the frequency of 28.380 +/- QRM.
Club Station Antennas:
We have installed a HY-Gain TH-3JRS tribander antenna 10, 15, 20 meters and a Yeasu G450A rotator plus a Antron 99 vertical antenna that will be used for 10, though 20 meters for vertical polarization.
Technicians will learn voice, and the digital modes such as PSK 31 and RTTY on 10 meters during classes.
The club shack has a computer with Ham Radio Deluxe installed, a SignaLink USB sound card hooked to the Kenwood TS-570D for the digital modes.
The BARS club station will also be used as a backup emergency communications facility for our community. The club station has generator and battery backup for emergencies. 
Official Emergency Station (OES):
N6USP, Bob is an Official Emergency Station for Mims. Various equipment in the shack, including a D-Star analog/digital and HF radio, can be useful for emergency situations as well as everyday amateur radio operations. We can reach the nearest KJ4OXT repeater in Cocoa or KJ4RYH D-Star repeater in Daytona Beach for direct communications with the County EOC's using D-Rats.

For more information about D-Rats:  
The HY-Gain TH-3JRS tribander will be mounted on a fold over tower at 25 ft. The mast will be guyed with a GS-50 thrust bearing located just below the antenna.
This is the HY-Gain 3 element beam with the Yaesu G-450A rotator and it has a automatic rotator controller by MDS RC1-G.
The club station is a valuable asset to our amateur community and our club members.
Any questions on the station or to join BARS, you may call Bob, N6USP @ 321-362-5037 or email me @ N6USP 
My Emergency Communications background:
ARRL Official Emergency Station
ARES member since 1988
ARECC certified Level 1, 2, 3, for Emergency Communication
FEMA certified for IS-100, 200, 700 and 800
Skywarn coordinator for North Brevard County Florida
Red Cross Shelter Operations Certified
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For more information on our club and Amateur Radio
Please email Bob @ N6USP